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  "Empower, Persist, CodeHigher".   What is the CodeHigher Program?   The CodeHigher program is a series of four bootcamps implemented by Park Innovation in partnership with…


Idea Lab

Idea Lab: Bringing your Agrifoodtech and Cleantech Ideas into Reality! The Program In Brief The IdeaLab Program is a two-month cycle that allows startups to learn how to identify their problem,…


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Previous Programs

Online Consumer Behavior: from E-commerce to S-commerce

The talk will cover major concepts in online consumer behavior and their application, ranging from electronic commerce to social media commerce. We will discuss factors affecting people's decision to buy and their antecedents. In addition, we will inspect leading research on the topic in order to detect possible future trends.

Event Date: Saturday January 14, 2023

Event Time: 5 pm to 6 pm

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Technology skills every educator should have

Technology is increasingly shaping the future of education, and this talk will explore how educators can stay on top of developments by mastering essential tech skills. From using data to drive decisions to incorporate digital tools into the curriculum, get ready for an in-depth look at what it takes to implement technology in today's classrooms effectively!

The Education Department at MUBS, in collaboration with Park Innovation, invites all teachers & tutors to attend the seminar “Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have”.

GEW at Park

GEW stands for Global Entrepreneurship Week, and it’s coming to Park.

We’re celebrating entrepreneurs with a whole week filled with events from Monday to Friday, including a panel, a round table discussion with Lebanese founders, yoga day, a movie night, a tech museum, keynotes, and a pitch competition! Register ( for any or all events (see the complete schedule).

GEW is celebrating 15 years this year thanks to the continuous efforts of the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

From AI-Curious to AI-Informed

Amazon’s Principal Machine Learning Scientist, Dr. Houssam Nassif, tuned into Park Innovation for a virtual session. AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science are enough to get us excited but having Dr. Houssam’s hands-on, market-driven research is even more reason! Dr. Houssam has the latest on applied machine learning science. He’s worked on Amazon Prime and recommendation systems and has award-winning publications on automation, predictions, and much more.

JavaScript Bootcamp

JavaScript is a powerful and versatile programming language used in websites and web applications to perform calculations and make dynamic pages. It's one of the core technologies in our World Wide Web, which alongside HTML5 & CSS3, make up what we call the "Front-End."

Intro to Robotics

We were highly inspired by this event. It was a day filled with real information about building actual robots! We would like to thank our speaker Jean Merhy who shared his expertise with us! Don't be a victim of the robolution, join it. Stay posted for similar events at Park!

Art & NFT

What is NFT? And how is it linked to Art!? Let’s explore this world together! Join the Art & Design Department at MUBS, in partnership with Park Innovation, for a special workshop with NFT and Art experts! Don’t miss the chance to meet the MUBS team to learn more about the Bachelor's degrees in Graphic and Interior design.

Artificial Advantage: The Future is Intelligent

Want to learn more about how AI can help your career or business? Join us on August 6 with Lebanon's leading AI community and educative initiative @beirutai to hear from ML Engineer Anis Ismail! This event will empower you to jumpstart AI and gain the needed hands-on skills and expertise to leverage this technology to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

A trip into Web 3.0: Discover blockchain, the metaverse, and NFTs

The blockchain, the metaverse, and NFTs are disruptive technologies that will impact every industry and sector. This informative session will teach the fundamentals of these technologies and explore how they will evolve and more importantly, what this means for your personal and professional lives.

Gaming Tournament

Prepare yourself for a gaming experience and challenge your peers with the symbolic FIFA, CS, and more. We've set up an exclusive gaming experience at Park Innovation that'll unleash your inner competitive gamer. This community event aims to bring game lovers together to connect, learn and share. Games include CS: GO and CS 1.0 and PUBG or Clash Royal for PC/mobile/console.