Park Innovation is a community project and business incubator based in Semkanieh, Chouf. The Park offers several unique streams and resources to empower tech entrepreneurs and tech employment. Visit our Coding and Startup pages to learn about our central programs, Coding Bootcamp, and Pre-Acceleration (PushStart and TechDreamer). Park Innovation is playing its role in supporting the knowledge economy for the greater technological potential for the Chouf and all of Lebanon.


The Park is unlocking a talent resource base in Chouf and the region while providing resources that have been traditionally only available in the city, such as technology education, startup acceleration, co-working space, and professional digital services. Lebanon has seen a surge of support for tech startups since the launch of Circular 331 leading to a much-needed Beirut tech-cluster. The cluster has been key to nurturing new jobs and building strong networks in Lebanon's capital. Park Innovation believes it's time to bring that model to rural Lebanon and empower tech startups and local talent in the Chouf region.
Acceleration Program
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