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Previous Programs

Python Development Bootcamp

Python is the most popular programming language for data processing and machine learning. It all started with "Hello world", now it includes common algorithms, to deep learning techniques. December 2020

Mobile app development bootcamp

With over 120 hours of free mobile app development training, this bootcamp helps you level up your mobile development skills and potentially get hired as a full-stack or mobile developer. December 2020

User Experience (UX) Bootcamp

Learn how to turn a platform into a destination by gaining user-centered design knowledge with the FREE 30 hours User Experience (UX) Bootcamp. December 2020

Online (VR) and (AR) introductory workshop

Techies, virtual greetings with augmented love. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is next week! We’ve been supporting entrepreneurs as they explore new avenues and channels with their solutions so for GEW we're inviting you to an online Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) introductory workshop with Adham Ghannam, Trainer and Founder of V8 Racing Center.

Artificial Intelligent Night

This time we're doing it ONLINE with on Zoom Cloud Meetings. Dive into Artificial Intelligence know-how and experience a one of a kind virtual hands-on workshop. 

Intro to Machine Learning

Intro to Machine Learning with Julia El Zini, learn the foundations with hands-on experience in machine learning. October 2020

Bridges of solidarity Digital Hackathon

Join #Bridgesofsolidarity - a Digital Hackathon, which will take place from 23 - 25 October 2020 and which aims to give rise to the generation and development of prototyped ideas to assist the country of Lebanon and the Lebanese people deal with the crisis they are currently facing. October 2020

Startup School

Ever wonder how SEO can give your startup the exposure it needs among a red ocean of competition? Bob Sabra, co-founder and digital tech champion, has the answers and more. Tune into another Startup School series with The Role or SEO in a Startup. October 2020

PushStart Stream I

It's time to push START! Take your ideas from start to smart with Park Innovation's idea machine, the PushStart Accelerator in Chouf. August 2019

Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp Stream II

Apply to our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp Stream II. Find a job faster, learn the most in demand programming languages and skills. Join now this FREE #RoadToCode2020 Coding Bootcamp.