Google Drive Tips to Make Virtual Team work Easier

Data is being saved at an unruly rate, every second. The chaos and disorder that come with it can be stressful, especially as you try to navigate that much-needed file that your co-worker last sent you.


We’ve all done it. As Google Drive users, we’re grateful for the features offered that provide endless possibilities! Right now, Google isn’t only supporting our work effort, it’s supporting our productivity and our sanity.

So we’re just going to leave these Google Drive Hacks and Tips for teamwork right here.

Everything should be shared on Drive

Many of us still have the habit of sending documents via email. Please stop. Instead, add them to the drive and share/tag the link so that it's available at a later time. A little known fact, according to, the environmental impact of data storage is more than we think (2019). Even using the cloud, we should be mindful of what we’re saving and how necessary it is. Using working/living docs as a team can help counter that.

Use keywords to title files

Google has successfully connected a whole wide web of information. You and your team can connect ONE drive. Your Google Drive is a small Google engine in itself. Have everything stored in the right folder but build out a document SEO strategy at the office. Here’s how we do this:

  • Use effective title keywords [and formats] that you agree on as a team
  • Date all your files based on the last edit for a quick reference
  • A long title is okay
  • Write (Shared) to externally shared files or folders to avoid sharing sensitive information
Create a new file? Share it!

Anytime you create a new file, share it with the people who it will be of use to so that they’re aware it’s there. Remind them that they must “add it to My Drive” so it can be easily accessed at a later time.

Explore the Drive

Google has a range of other great features like Google AppScript, a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite. We hope you find these tips to make it easier for you and your team to manage the endless files that creep into our lives daily. Have any tips yourself? Please feel free to share them below.