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The Program

What is the program about?

Initiated by Berytech under the ACT Smart Innovation Hub and funded by the Embassy of Netherlands in Lebanon, this program aims to support the growth of entrepreneurship in Lebanon, particularly in the agrifoodtech and cleantech sectors. The program will be implemented through outreach and Idea Lab activities conducted by Park Innovation to empower the ecosystem with innovative solutions in the agri-food and clean technology sectors. This involves implementing five cycles of Idea Lab support over a period of 32 months, supporting 10 startups per cycle. The Idea Lab will provide support to entrepreneurs through workshops to help them ideate and validate their ideas, one-on-one mentoring, linkages support, and networking activities. The program also requires Demo Days for each cycle to showcase the startups’ innovation.

What are the program objectives?

• Strengthening innovative business solutions to problems in Agrifoodtech and Cleantech sectors that support improving livelihoods,
• Helping in access to finance and in scaling up pre-seed and seed stage start-ups,
• Creating jobs for people, especially youth and women, resulting in tangible economic, environmental, and social benefits.
• Enabling ecosystem partners in areas within and outside greater Beirut to carry out ideation activities.
• Creating opportunities for startups and SMEs to grow competitively through acceleration programs.

What type of support will be included in the program?

* Workshops: Trainers will deliver workshops to entrepreneurs to help them ideate and validate their ideas.

* One-on-one Mentoring: Entrepreneurs will receive one-on-one mentoring to provide them with personalized guidance and support.

* Linkages Support: Entrepreneurs will be provided with linkages support to enable them to validate their ideas.

* Networking Activities: The program will run networking activities for startups in the ecosystem to enable them to connect with potential partners, mentors, investors, and other stakeholders.

* Grant Management: The program will manage the grant ($1500/startup), expenditure approval, and disbursement process.

Beneficiaries’ Criteria

Our target audience for this project is aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups in the sustainable energy, clean tech, and agricultural sectors. The target audience includes individuals interested in launching their own businesses, as well as startups in the ideation or prototyping phase. The ideas shall be tech-empowered, and the candidates should be able to commit to the program.

Park Innovation outreach will target entrepreneurs and innovators in Chouf and the surrounding area of Mount Lebanon including Iqlim, Aley, and Metn.

  • 20 teams will be shortlisted for pitch interviews.
  • 10 teams will be selected to join the Idea Lab.
  • Women: At least 25% of admitted team members shall be women.
  • Youth: At least 50% of admitted team members shall be youth under 35 years old.​
  • Innovating in sectors aligned with the program scope (agrifoodtech or cleantech): If your startup is working on innovative solutions in the agrifoodtech or cleantech sectors, this program is designed for you.
  • Having at least two co-founders: You should have at least two co-founders in your team to be eligible for the program.
  • Having at least one Lebanese co-founder and at least one co-founder residing full-time in Lebanon: Your team should have at least one co-founder who is Lebanese and at least one co-founder residing full-time in Lebanon.
  • Having a multidisciplinary and complementary team: A diverse team with complementary skills and expertise will be preferred.
  • Committed to building their startup: You should be committed to building and scaling your startup, and actively working on it.
  • Willing to commit to a 2-month Idea Lab: You should be available to actively participate in the 2-month Idea Lab program.

Call to Action

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Contact Information

For any inquiries or questions regarding this program you can reach us at [email protected] or via phone number: +961 78 807 966